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Bike Path

Location: Lakeside and Somers, MT

APEC Engineering was chosen by community volunteers to work for the Flathead County Planning and Zoning Department to implement bike and pedestrian transportation improvements between Somers and Lakeside, Montana. Project funding was acquired through the Community Transportation Enhancement Project program in cooperation with the Flathead Regional Development Office.


Community planning efforts and demands drove this project as a means of connecting the communities of Somers and Lakeside with a Bike and Pedestrian Trail. The portion of the project initially funded and constructed included 0.8 miles of new 10 foot wide paved trail.


APEC Engineering provided the following services:


  • Initial Site Investigations

  • Site Survey Data Collection

  • Preliminary Layout Design

  • Construction Plans & Reports

  • Bid Letting & Evaluation

  • Contractor Selection

  • Construction Oversight & Management

The constructed alignment generally is parallel with US Hwy 93 beginning at Somers Road and continuing south to the intersection of Old Hwy 93. Sections of the path required block retaining wall construction, pedestrian hand railing, constructed traffic barrier and guard rail, and new drainage structures. The path design and construction required coordination with improvement plans for US Hwy 93, existing above and below ground utilities and keeping public access open with limited interruption through out construction.

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