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Eisinger Honda
Eisinger Storm Extension 02

Eisinger Motors

Location: Kalispell, MT

APEC Engineering was chosen by our Eisinger Motors to provide the following services:

  • Land Use Planning 

  • Floodplain Analysis

  • Stormwater Analysis

  • Parking Lot Grading Plan & Pavement Design

  • Public Utility Extensions

  • Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Plans & Specifications for two car dealerships

  • Construction Oversight


As a part of the stormwater plan the developer was responsible for extending the existing MDT stormwater discharge, from the intersection of Reserve St. and US Hwy 93, across the property to the Stillwater River. The site utilizes a series of catch basins and a subsurface stormwater detention facility for on-site stormwater management. APEC Engineering provided flood plain mapping of the Stillwater River adjacent to the property, stream cross sections were taken and a HEC-RAS analysis was performed. The project was completed in 2008 and both dealerships have since opened for business.

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